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Parasailing Palm Beach


Parasailing Palm Beach Pricing

$99 Per Flyer
$70 Per Observer (guaranteed spot)
$40 Per Observer (not guaranteed – only if boat space is available)
$60 Add Memorable Photo Package

Parasailing Palm Beach Location

Please meet us at:
200 East 13th Street
Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Our boat is located at the Riviera Beach Marina on the most southern dock. Follow the signs that say Peanut Island Ferry. If you chose to have the shuttle pick your family up please be outside 30 mins prior to your departure time.

Please be aware that NO ONE younger than 6 years old or weighing less than 50 lbs can be on the boat at any time.

Join us for an adventure like no other and experience an incredible birds eye view of Palm Beach Florida. Our Parasailing Palm Beach excursion will leave you with an unforgettable vacation experience. Relax as you soar hundreds of feet above the crystal clear water, spotting beautiful sea creatures below as you soak in the warm Florida Sunshine. Parasailing gives you an exciting adventure that’s also peaceful and safe. You get the adrenaline rush of floating through the sky without jumping out of an airplane or needing to steer yourself over the waters! You just sit back in your harness, relax and enjoy the views and the experience. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to enjoy the warm ocean breezes, soak in the sun and catch the sights – all from an amazing vantage point above the Palm Beaches!


Parasailing Palm Beach is the perfect vacation adventure that you will never forget. Our experienced captain and crew will make sure you and your family have a safe and thrilling experience. As we head out of the Palm Beach Inlet, you will get your first glimpse of the beautiful clear water, but the view will only get better. Our parasailing equipment allows for 2-3 guests to fly side by side above the beautiful waters of Palm Beach. Our boat has a platform on the back where all of our take-offs and landings occur, once our crew has you secure in your harness you will be gently lifted into the air as you start your ascend into the sky. Once you are up there you will experience miles of scenery and relaxation.


We have a photo package that you may purchase upon request on the day of your reservation. Our photo package is $60 and will leave with you with beautiful photos to preserve the memory of your parasailing adventure. We do allow guests to bring their own camera at their own risk but we advise against it as we have had many guests lose their cameras to the ocean. Please note that the Parasailing Palm Beach captain and crew are not liable for any lost personal items. Photo packages may be added while you are on the boat, please see your captain with any questions you may have.


We recommend that you wear comfortable beach attire for your parasailing adventure. Bathing suits are not mandatory although many guests prefer to wear them as you will be out on the ocean. We recommend either wearing UV protected clothing or applying sunscreen before we depart from the dock as you will be spending the duration of the trip under the warm Florida sunshine! Hats or visors aren’t a bad idea while you are on the boat for protection from the sun as well.


Our parasailing rate per flyer is $99. Do you have friends that want to parasail but you are afraid of heights? No need to worry, we have an observer rate of $40. Come out for a nice boat ride while your friends and family soar across the sky above you. This observer rate is based on open availability of each trip.


We have a minimum age requirement of 6 years old to be able to fly. There is no maximum age requirement. We allow women who are pregnant in their first trimester to parasailing using their own discretion. Any pregnancy after the first trimester, we recommend waiting to parasail until after the baby is born for the safety of both you and the baby. Below is a chart for minimum and maximum weights required for each size chute that we have based on wind conditions.

35.5′ / 102.4Super Eagle135-500 lbs8-18/20 mph(As 35) Good for off shore turbulent air
37′ / 115.8Tristar 120-525 lbs0-14 mphTandems/ Heavy Tandems/ Triples
39′ / 139.3Galaxy160-580 lbs0-12 mphTandems/ Heavy Tandems/ Triples New 2014